Emma Hardinge Britten (2 May 1823 - 2 October 1899)

Spiritualist, Occultist, Propagandist


Emma Hardinge Britten, Melbourne, 1878: from the National Australian Library


The Emma Hardinge Britten Archive is an open source scholarly archive containing primary material for students of Emma Hardinge Britten. Materials include annotated editions of all major EHB texts, bibliographies of primary and secondary material, a short biographical summary of EHB's life, chronologies with backing evidentiary records, various artifacts of EHB's life, and papers and articles on topics in EHB scholarship. Want lists of EHB materials are also provided, and dealer inquiries are welcome. And the curator's blog is also available.

Latest Update: April 19, 2012: Thomas Shorter's 1867 bibliography of Modern Spiritualism is now available, with links to all available digital texts integrated.

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