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The bibliography below is a work in progress, and builds on work done by Richard Mathiesen and others.

Items with active/linked titles are those for which electronic versions are available.

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ER = Ernest Reinhold
EH = Emma Harding
EHe = Emma Hardinge
EHB = Emma Harding(e) Britten

Stage Performances

EH. London stage performance data (1842?-1854) now available.

EH/EHe? Paris (1855) and New York (1855-56) stage performance data is under development.

Musical Performances, Criticism, and Compositions

EH. Performances in Milan (?) (c. 1840). Period in Milan mentioned indirectly in a single letter of EHs, published in Philadelphia in 1873.

Ernest Reinhold. [Musical Compositions]. Pre-1854, possibly pre-1842. Mentioned in Mathiesen. One likely instance found.

EH/EHe. Footsteps Of Angels: Recitative and Air. New York: H. Waters, 1856.

    5 pages of sheet music (?) Noted in LoC and in David A. Day. The New York Musical World, 1852-1860.University of Maryland at College Park Center for Studies in Nineteenth-Century Music, 1993. May set the work of a poet (Longfellow) to music, rather than original words.

EH/EHe. Oh! The Elfin Vesper Bell. Boston: Ditson, 1865.

    music by Louise A. Denton, words by Emma Hardinge, published in Boston by Oliver Ditson & Company, for the 1859 Christmas season.

Published Works

EHe. The Place And Mission Of Woman: An Inspirational Discourse, Delivered By Miss Emma Hardinge, At The Melodeon, Boston, Sunday Afternoon, February 13, 1859. Boston: H. W. Swett, 1859.

    12 page pamphlet.

EHe. Marriage: An Inspirational Discourse Delivered By Miss Emma Hardinge At The Melodeon, Boston, Sunday Evening, February 13, 1859.

    "Phonographically reported by James M. W. Yerrinton", a Boston printer and reporter.

EHe. Six Lectures on Theology And Nature. Chicago: 1860. Scott and Company, Printers, Chicago, IL, 1860. Includes a version of EHe's plan for an institution for outcast women, and an early (inconsistent with Autobiography autobiographical sketch. An electronic copy of Six Lectures will be made available after the physical reprint available from Psypioneer has been sold out.

Ehe. Outline Of A Plan For A Self-Sustaining Institution For Homeless And Outcast Females New York: By The Author, 1858?.

    Only two states of this pamphlet are known to exist, (a) in an Appendix to Six Lectures... and (b) embedded in Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Yearly Meeting of Progressive Friends for 1860, where it is reproduced (in its entirety?) along with a cover letter from EHe.

EHe. America And Her Destiny: Inspirational Discourse Given Extemporaneously At Dodsworth's Hall, New York,... August 25, 1861, through Emma Hardinge, by the Spirits. New York: Robert M. DeWitt, 1861. 15 page octavo pamphlet, referenced in Sabin's A Dictionary Of Books Relating to America..., pg. 72.

EHe. The Wildfire Club. Boston: Berry, Colby, 1861. Many of the stories in this, Emma's first book-length collection of fiction, were published either prior to book publication and/or subsequently in one of the several journals she edited. Textual variants between the versions of these stories abound.

EHe. A Funeral Oration on Rev. Thos. Starr King. San Francisco: Francis, Valentine and Compant, 1864.

EHe. The Great Funeral Oration On Abraham Lincoln.... New York: American News Company, 1865.

EHe. Address Delivered At The Winter Soirees, London: November 6, 1865. London: Thomas Scott, 1865.

    15 page pamphlet. The first of the private Winter Soirees proposed by Mr. Benjamin Coleman, was held on Monday, the 6th of November last ...": Prior publication in The Spiritual Magazine. The question: In what particulars are the teachings of Christianity and the facts recorded in the Gospels elucidated and confirmed by Spiritualism?

EHe. Address Delivered At The Winter Soirees, London: November 13, 1865. London: Thomas Scott, 1865.

    15 page pamphlet. Prior publication in The Spiritual Magazine

EHe. Address Delivered At The Winter Soirees, London: November 20, 1865. London: Thomas Scott, 1865.

    The questions: It has been alleged that modern spiritualism is the witchcraft or necromancy referred to in the Old and New Testaments. Will you be good enough to define the difference between them?

EHe. Address Delivered At The Winter Soirees, London: November 27, 1865. London: Thomas Scott, 1865.

    "The philosophy of the spirit-circle. The spirit medium."

EHe. On Ancient Magic And Modern Spiritualism. Address Delivered At The Winter Soirees, December 4, 1865. London: Thomas Scott, 1865.

EHe. Address Delivered At The Winter Soirees, London: December 11, 1865. London: Thomas Scott, 1865

    "What is Spirit?"

EHe. Address Delivered At The Winter Soirees, London: February 19, 1866. London: Thomas Scott, 1866

    Babylon lecture. 18 pp.

Ehe. Miss Emma Hardinge's Political Campaign, In Favour of the Union Party Of America, On The Occasion of the last Presidental election of 1864. London: Thomas Scott, 1865 (?). Substantially reproduces a text of EHe, referred to as Sketches of California, a different version of which may appear in her Autobiography.

EHe. Address Delivered At The Winter Soirees, London: March 12, 1866. London: Thomas Scott, 1865. 17 pp.

EHe.Extemporaneous Addresses By Emma Hardinge Spoken At The Winter Soirees Held At Harley Street, London, 1865 (?).

    Edition in 1866 with a preface by A. A. Watt - first or second? Multiple states? Alaric Watt mentioned in Robertson as EHe supporter.

EHe. Questions Answered Extempore. [London?] [Thomas Scott]? 1866.

EHe. What Is Spiritualism? An Address By Emma Hardinge, with her directions for the formation and conduct of spirit circles. Glasgow: Glasgow Association Of Spiritualists, 1868.

    Appended to The Second Annual Report Of the Glasgow Association Of Spiritualists.

Ehe. Mrs. Emma Hardinge On Spirit Mediums

    Number 5 in a series of pamphlets on Extemporaneous Speaking. Contains an imprecise transcription of EHe's address.

EHe. Rules For The Formation And Conduct Of Spirit Circles. Glasgow: James McGeachy, 1868. London: Cambridge Steam Printing Works, 1868.

    First stand-alone version. Different state of the text?. An 1887 version is available. This particular text is EHB's most often reproduced text, frequently used as column filler in The Two Worlds and as stand-alone pamphlet material by Spiritualist publishers on both sides of the Atlantic.

EHe. Modern American Spiritualism: A Twenty Years Record Of The Communion Between Earth And The World Of Spirits. New York: The Author, 1870.

    First four printings in 1870, and regularly thereafter - possibly as many as 12 editions, from records of advertisements. Unique and interesting E. J. Dingwall preface in 1970 reprint (New Hyde Park, N.Y., University Books).

EHe. On The Spirit Circle And The Laws Of Mediumship. London: J Burns, 1871.

EHe. The Creed Of The Spirits, And The Influence Of The Religion Of Spiritualism. 1871.

    Several versions, including the "Seed Corn #5" version - part of series of tracts on spiritualism (possibly along with EHe19). "[A] lecture delivered ... at Cleveland Hall, on ... April 30, 1871". 15 page pamphlet. A section of this lecture is reprinted (verbatim?) in J. J. Morse's Leaves From My Life (pp. 27-8), which also indicates that the lecture was printed (its original form) in the Medium and Daybreak for May 5, 1871. Erroneously held to have been communicated to EHe by the spirit of Robert Owen. See debunking of this myth in PsyPioneer Volume 2, No. 5 (May 2006). Clearly related to Robert Dale Owen's 14 points in his The Debatable Land (pp. 171-76).

EHB. The Electric Physician: Or Self Cure Through Electricity. Boston: Dr. William Britten, 1875.

EHB. Art Magic: Or Mundane, Sub-Mundane and Super-Mundane Spiritism. Boston: William Britten, 1876.

    Published by subscription, with run limited either to 500 or 1500-2000, depending on whose account one credits. Solicitation for subscribers reads in part: "To meet the actual cost of publication, 500 subscribers at $5 a piece will be required. After the required number of copies are drawn off, the types, plates, etc. of this work are to be destroyed, and a protective copyright will preven its republication." First edition has three cover variants: red, brown and green. Common text is from a second edition (Chicago : Progressive Thinking Publishing House, 1898, 1903 and 1909) explicitly advertised as authorized by EHB, which appears to have a minimally-different state of the text. The text of the second edition was reset. Selections of Art Magic with slight textual variances are serialized in The Two Worlds. The curator of the EH Britten Archive attributes this text, in total, to Emma Hardinge Britten, as author.

EHB. Ghost Land, or Researches Into The Mysteries Of Occultism. Boston: For The Editor, 1876.

EHB. On The Road; Or The Spiritual Investigator: A Complete Compendium Of The Science, Religion, Ethics, And Various Methods Of Investigating Spiritualism. Melbourne: George Robertson, 1878.

    Four-page preface, 62-page pamphlet.

EHB. Spiritualism: Is It A Savage Superstition? A Lecture By Emma Hardinge Britten. Melbourne: George Robertson, 1878.

    29-page pamphlet. Address given at the Royal Opera House, Sydney, Sunday June 9, 1878.

EHB. The Chinese Labor Question, Or The Problems Of Capital Versus Labor. Sydney: [np], 1878.

    15-page pamphlet.

EHB. The Faiths, Facts And Frauds Of Religious History: A Treatise In Ten Sections. Melbourne: George Robertson, 1879.

EHB. Spiritualism Vindicated And Clerical Slanders Refuted: In Answer To Mr. M. W. Green. Dunedin, NZ: George T. Clark, 1879.

    50 page pamphlet.

EHB. On The Use Of The Bible In Schools. Sydney: [np], [nd].

    4 page pamphlet intended to illustrate "the unsuitability of the Bible as a text book." May preddate EHB29.

EHB. Spiritualism: A Reply To Mr. Moncure Conway. London: London Spiritualist Alliance, 1887.

    LoC copy. May have been published together with Charles Carleton Massey's Zollner.

EHB (with Alfred Kitson and H. A. Kersey). The Lyceum Manual: A Compendium Of Physical, Moral, And Spiritual Exercises For Use In Progressive Lyceums Connected With British Spiritualist Societies. Hanging Heaton/Dewsbury, UK: 1887.
    Second edition, 1888. Third edition, 1889. Edition in 1935. 15th revised edition, 1958. 16th revised edition, 1981. 17th revised edition, 1992.

EHB (with Alfred Kitson and H.A. Kersey). The English lyceum manual : a compendium of physical, moral, and spiritual exercises for the use of English spiritualists societies (Children's Edition). Newcastle-On-Tyne: H. A. Kersey, 1888.

EHB (with Alfred Kitson and H. A. Kersey). The Lyceum Officer's Manual. Rochdale: Kersey Chiswell, 1921.

    Not clear if this text exists or if so in how many states. Presumptively, another variant of EHB32.

EHB. Nineteenth Century Miracles Or Spirits And Their Work In Every Country Of The Earth. New York: William Britten/Lovell & Company, 1883/4.

    Reprint New York : Arno Press, 1976

EHB (Mrs. Margaret Wilkinson, ed.). The Autobiography of Emma Hardinge Britten. Manchester and London: John Heywood, 1900.

EHB (?). The "Two Worlds" Portrait Album: Spiritual Mediums, Workers And Celebrities with Brief Biographical Sketches. Manchester: Printed For The "Two Worlds" Publishing Company Limited...By The Labor Press Society Limited [n.d.].

    From internal quotations, dated no earlier than September of 1896. A joint endeavor with Light, Stainton Moses' publication. This is probably all that remains of EHB's Spiritual Encyclopedia project discussed in Psypioneer and in the Curator's blog. I assume that the individuals included in the Album are those who subscribed for the production of the Encyclopedia -- Emma often used subscription sales to defray her production costs -- a risky strategy, given the effects of a failure to reach minimum-required subscription levels.


The Western Star. A magazine devoted to a record of the facts, philosophy, and history of the communion between spirits and mortals. Boston: The Proprietors. 1872. Available in individual numbers (July 1872 ,August 1872, September 1872, October 1872, November 1872, December 1872) and as a ZIP archive.

The Two Worlds. A Journal Devoted To Spiritualist, Occult Science, Ethics, Religion and Reform. Manchester: The Two Worlds Publishing Co. Ltd. 1887 onwards. EHB edited the newspaper from its inception until 1892, when she was replaced by her sub-editor E. W. Wallis, and began publication of The Unseen Universe. 1887,1888, 1889, 1890, 1891 and 1892are available.

The Unseen Universe: A monthly magazine devoted to spiritism, occultism, ancient magic, modern mediumship, and every subject that pertains to the whence, what, and whitherward of humanity. 1892-3. One volume, 12 issues, from April 1892 to march 1893. Available in individual numbers (April 1892, May 1892, June 1892, July 1892, August 1892, September 1892, October 1892, November 1892, December 1892, January 1893, February 1893, March 1893) and as a ZIP archive.

Uncollected, Embedded, Unseen and Suspect Materials

EHe. A Fragment of Modern Scripture. 1860 (?)

    Embedded in Frances Brown's Christmas Annual (Cleveland, Ohio) for 1860.

EHe. The King and Kingdom of Hell. 1864 (?)

    Pamphlet. Mentioned in an SFO newspaper coincident with an EHe visit. Possibly an address given in SFO. Possibly a version of the Hades lecture.

EHe. Psychology, Or The Science of Soul Lecture 1 and Lecture 2, 1866

    In The Spiritual Magazine for September 1 and October 1 of 1866.

Ehe. The Discerning Of Spirits

    Published in the December 1866 issue of The Spiritual Magazine

EHe. Testimony Before The Dialectical Society. 16 March 1896

    EHB speech to the Society occupies p. 109- 114. Q&A occupies two further pages.

EHe. [Lecture on "Modern Spiritualism"].

    Address given Wed. March 18th, 1868 at the Cambridge Hall, Newman Street, and printed. Mentioned in The Spiritual Magazine for April of 1868.

EHe. Questions And Impromptu Answers (first series).

    In The Spiritual Magazine> for August of 1868.

EHe. Questions And Impromptu Answers (second series).

    In The Spiritual Magazine for September of 1868. .

EHB. The Scientific Investigation Of Spiritualism: An Address Delivered at the Beethoven Rooms, 12th December, 1870

    Printed (in its entirety?) in January 1, 1871 issue of The Spiritual Magazine

EHB. Mighty Master-Minds of Ages Cleveland Hall, June 25, 1871.

    An extensive excerpt is quoted in Eugene Crowell. Identity of Primitive Christianity And Modern Spiritualism (pp. 257-9). Not seen, possibly a known address.

EHB. Impromptu Answers To Questions.

    In The Spiritual Magazine for February 1, 1871.

EHB> What Relation Does Spiritualism Bear To Science?

    In The Spiritual Magazine for May of 1871.

EHe. Preface To J. O. Barrett. The Spiritual Pilgrim: A Biography Of James M. Peebles. Boston: Colby & Rich, 1871. Three page preface.

Vindex, pseudo. Prove All Things: Spiritualism Versus Satanism. London: 1871.

    Contains a version of Rules for spirit circles...

Hugh Junor Browne. The holy truth : or the coming reformation universal and eternal because founded on demonstrable truth. Science and religion reconciled. London: Arthur Hall & Co., 1876.

    Includes an "address by E.H. Britten" probably "On Spiritualism".

EHB. The Spiritus Mundi Date unknown. A version survives in an appendix to JH Dewey's A Handbook of Christian Theosophy

EHB. "A Traveler's Impressions On Visiting The Dunedin Industrial School". Otago (NZ) Witness, Issue 1435, May 1879, p. 22.

    By-lined article by EHB.

EHB. Dark Circles And Cabinets.

    Published in The Psychological Review for November of 1882.

EHB. Gleanings In the Fields of Spiritualism, Parts I and II.
    Published in The Medium and Daybreak on September 11, and 18th, 1885

EHB. The Mystery Of No. 9 Stanhope Street, 1892. A novella, autobiographical in nature, serialized in The Unseen Universe

EHB. A Dark Sphere On The Spirit Side Of Life

    A "vision" of EHB published in JB Francis' The Encyclopdia of Death and Life In the Spirit-World 1894.

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