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Thomas Shorter's 1867 Spiritualist Bibliography

In 1867, Thomas Shorter --- a prolific writer on, and promoter of, Modern Spiritualism, and a largely self-educated man, published his bibliography of Moderm Spiritualism in The Spiritual Magazine.

This is an excerpt from that bibliography, with live pointers to many of the works Shorter believed, in 1867, were essential to an understanding of Modern Spiritualism.

Shorter's bibliography is, as far as is known, the first attempt to construct a canon of Modern Spiritualism's works.

Shorter's bibliography has not, in this version, been modified or corrected.

If no link is available, then no online text is known to exist. Contributions to complete the bibliography are welcome.

About one hundred periodicals have been devoted wholly or in part to the propagation and exposition of Spiritualism, most of which were designed to have only a temporary mission. More than five hundred books and pamphlets have been circulated, and many of them are still having an extensive sale. " --- Plain Guide to Spiritualism, by Uriah Clark, 1863.

That Modern Spiritualism "has a literature of its own" is admitted even by its adverse critics. The above extract (which refers to the books and periodicals of this class published in America alone,) and this catalogue, (though imperfect) will in some measure indicate its extent. I expected to have made this part of my " Bibliography," especially the list of " Articles and Reviews," more nearly complete; but have been unable to carry out fully the researches I had begun for this purpose. Many works by Spiritualists and others that have grown out of the present Spiritual movement, yet as being only indirectly or very partially connected with Spiritualism, I have not included.

I had hoped one day to have written a work on Modern Spiritualism, its History and its Literature; and to which my previous book --- The Two Worlds, might have served as an introduction. This task, however, I must leave to other hands, but it will be a satisfaction to me should this catalogue prove at all serviceable in any such undertaking; and I trust it may also be of some use to students and inquirers into the subject generally.

T. S.


Adams, John S. --- Answers to Seventeen Objections against Spiritual Intercourse.

Adams, John S. --- Review of Beecher's Report on the Spiritual Manifestations.

Adams, John S. --- Psalms of Life: a Compilation of Psalms, Hymns, Chants, and Anthems, embodying the Spiritual, Progressive, and Reformatory Sentiments of the Present Age.

Ashburner, John, M.D. --- Notes and Studies on the Philosophy of Animal Magnetism and Spiritualism, &c.

Ballou, Rev. Adin. --- An Exposition of Views respecting the principal Facts, Causes, and Peculiarities involved in Spirit-Manifestations: together with interesting phenomenal statements and. communications. (The English Edition, with a somewhat different title, has a valuable Introduction, by Andrew Leighton, with Notes and Appendix). This book is one of the best elementary works on the subject.

Barkas, Thomas P. --- Outlines of Ten Years' Investigation into the Phenomena of Modern Spiritualism.

Bertolacci, William Robert. --- Christian Spiritualism; wherein is shown the Extension of the Human Faculties by the application of Modern Spiritual Phenomena, according to the Doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Bible Spiritualist, A. --- Three Letters on Modern Spiritualism.

Brevoir, Thomas. --- Confessions of a Truth-seeker: a Narrative of Personal Investigation into the Facts and Phenomena of Spirit Intercourse.

Brevoir. Thomas. --- The Two Worlds, The Natural and the Spiritual: their Intimate Connexion and Relation Illustrated by Examples and Testimonies, Ancient and Modern.

Brittan, Professor S. B. --- Review of Rev. Charles Beecher's Report concerning the Spiritual Manifestations; wherein the conclusions of the latter are carefully examined and tested by a comparison with his premises, with reason, and with the facts.

Brittan, Professor S. B. --- Review of Rev. Asa Mahan on the Modern Mysteries.

Brittan, Professor S. B. --The Tables Turned. A brief Review of Rev. C. M. Butler, D.D. (A refutation of the principal objections urged by the Clergy against Spiritualism.)

Brittan, Professor S. B. --- Man and His Relations: illustrating the influence of the Mind on the Body; the relations of the Faculties to the Organs, and to the Elements, Objects and Phenomena of the External World.

Brittan, Professor S. B. and Dr. B. W. Richmond. --- Discussion of the Facts and Philosophy of Ancient and Modern Spiritualism.(Twenty-four letters from each disputant; designed to illustrate the spiritual phenomena of all ages, but especially the modern manifestations.)

Brittan, Professor S. B. and Hanson. --- Report of Oral Discussion on Spiritualism.

Cahagnet, L. Alph. --- The Celestial Telegraph; or, Secrets of the Life to Come revealed through Magnetism: Wherein the Existence, the Form, the Occupations of the Soul after its separation from the Body, are proved by many years' Experiments by the means of eight ecstatic Somnambulists, who had eighty perceptions of thirty six deceased persons of various conditions. A description of.them, their Conversation, etc., with Proofs of their Existence in the Spiritual World. (Translated from the French.)

Cahagnet, L. Alph. --- The Sanctuary of Spiritualism; A Study of the Human Soul, and of its Relations with the Universe, through Somnambulism and Ecstasy. (Translated from the French, by M. Flinders Pearson.)

Capron, E. W. --- Modern Spiritualism: Its Facts and Fanaticisms, its Consistencies and Contradictions.

Chase, Hon. Warren. --- The Gist of Spiritualism. A course of Five Lectures delivered in Washington

Clark, Rev. Uriah. --- Plain Guide to Spiritualism. A Hand Book for Sceptics, Inquirers, Clergymen, Believers, Lecturers, Mediums, Editors, and all who meed a thorough Guide to the Phenomena, Science, Philosophy, Religion, and Reforms of Modern Spiritualism.

Clark, Rev. Uriah. --- Spiritual Sunday School Manual.

Colemam, Benjamin. --- Spiritualism in America.

Cooper, Robert. --- Spiritual Experiences; including Seven Months with the Davenport Brothers.

Courtney. --- Review of Dr. Dod's Involuntary Theory of the Spiritual Manifestations.

Cridoe. --- Epitome of Spirit-Intercourse: A Condensed View of Spiritualism.

Crosland, Newton. --- Apparitions: A New Theory.

Crosland, Mrs. Newton. --- Light in the Valley. My Experiences of Spiritualism.

Crowe, Catherine. --- Night-side of Nature; or, Ghosts and Ghost seers. - Spiritualism and the Age we live in. Volume 1 and 1901 one-volume edition

Crowe, Catherine. --- Ghost Stories and Family Legends. (Represented as told around a Christmas fire, but really authentic.)

Danskin, W. A. --- How and Why I became a Spiritualist.

Davis, Andrew Jackson. --- Philosophy of Spiritual Intercourse.

Davis, Andrew Jackson. --- The Present Age and Inner Life. Being a Sequel to the Philosophy of Spiritual Intercourse. Modern Mysteries Classified and Explained.

Davis, Andrew Jackson. --- Philosophy of Special Providences. A Vision.

Davis, Andrew Jackson. --- The Great Harmonia. A Philosophical Revelation of the Natural, Spiritual, and Celestial Universe. 5 vols.

Davis, Andrew Jackson. --- The Magic Staff. An Autobiography.

Davis, Andrew Jackson. --- Death and the After Life. Three Lectures.

Davis, Andrew Jackson. --- The Spiritual Sunday School Class Book.

Davis, Dr. D. S. --- Anthropomorphism Dissected and Spiritualism Vindicated.

De Morgan, Mrs. --- From Matter to Spirit. The Result of Ten Years' Experience in Manifestations. Intended as a Guide to Enquirers. With Preface by Professor De Morgan.

Edmonds, Hon. John Worth. --- Spiritual Tracts. (Including his Letters to the New York Tribune.) [Burns' Edition] [A Selection]

Edmonds, Hon. John Worth and George T. Dexter, M.D. --- Spiritualism. 2 vols. (Consists of Communications received by them purporting to be from Bacon and Swedenborg, together with Judge Edmonds's Narrative of his Spiritual Visions, and Introductions by himself, and by Dr. Dexter, respectively.) [Volume 1] [Volume 2]

Edwards, Rev. Henry, D.D., LL.D. --- The Doctrine of the Supernatural Established.

Elliot. --- Mysteries; or, Glimpses of the Supernatural.

Emmett, J. F., B.A. --- Spirit Dialogues; or, Voices from above, around, and beneath; including a revealed Theory of Universal Cosmogony; and the peculiar formation of the Planet Earth. (Translated from the French.)

Ferguson, Rev. Jesse Babcock, A.M., LL.D. --- Supramundane Facts in the Life of: including Twenty Years' Observations of Preternatural Phenomena. Edited by T. L. Nichols, M.D.

Ferguson, Rev. Jesse Babcock, A.M., LL.D. --- A Record of Communications from the Spirit-spheres, with Incontestable Evidence of Personal Identity. With Explanatory Observations.

Fowler. --- Modern Spiritualism. Its Truths, its Errors, and its Dangers.

Fowler, J. H. --- New Testament Miracles and Modern Miracles. The comparative amount of experience for each; the nature of both; testimony of a hundred witnesses. Au Essay read before the Divinity School, Cambridge, U.S.A.

Gordon. --- A Three-fold Test of Modern Spiritualism.

Grant, Elder Miles and Rev. J. S. Loveland. --- Discussion of Spiritualism and Immortality, at the Melodeon, Boston.

Green, Frances H. --- Biography of Mrs. Semantha Mettler, and of the Wonderful Cures performed by her.

Gridley, J. A. --- Astounding Facts from the Spirit World, witnessed at the House of J. A. Gridley, Southampton, Mass., U.S.A.

Grimes, Prof. J. Stanley, and Leo. H. Miller. --- Great Discussion of Modern Spiritualism, at the Melodeon, Boston.

Hardy, H. --- Researches in Spirit Magnetism

Hallock, R. T. --- Road to Spiritualism. Four Lectures.

Hare, Professor Robert, M.D. --- Experimental Investigations of the Spirit Manifestations, demonstrating the existence of Spirits and their communications with Mortals. Doctrine of the Spirit-world respecting Heaven, Hell, Morality, and God, &c.

Harvey, Rev. C. H. --- Millenial Dawn; or, Spiritual Manifestations Tested.

Hayden, Rev. W. --- Phenomena of Modern Spiritualism.

Home, Daniel Dunglass. --- Incidents in My Life.

Howitt. --- History of the Supernatural in all Ages and Nations. 2 vols. [Volume 1] [Volume 2]

Johnston, James. --- Intercourse with Angels; or, the Second Coming of the Lord, our Great Creator and Everlasting Redeemer.

Johnston, James. --- Last Legacy and Solemn Information. Written in the year 1826.

Johnston, James. --- The Everlasting Church: as represented in the remarkable manuscripts entitled " Intercourse with Angels." ("In the forty-fifth year after Swedenborg's decease, namely, in the summer of 1816, the Spiritual Sight of James Johnston was opened, and that "Intercourse with Angels" commenced, which is so regularly and so methodically revealed in his remarkable manuscript, from Sunday, January 5, 1817, to Sunday, May 3, 1840. A space of twenty-four years, being about Thirty Years Prior to the first manifestation of what is called Modern Spiritualism that took place in America, and One hundred years after Swedenborg's Spiritual Sight was first opened.'' --- The Everlasting Church. Jones, John. --- Man: Physical, Apparitional, and Spiritual. With Illustrations from the Natural and the Supernatural.

Kerner, Dr. Justinus. --- The Seeress of Prevorst. Translated from the German by Catherine Crowe.

Lewis, E. W., M.D. --- The Spiritual Reasoner.

Maitland, Rev. S. R., D.D., F.R.S., F.S.A. --- Superstition and Science. (In Reply to the Zoist, Professor Faraday, &c.)

Mandell. --- Evangel of the Spheres.

McWalter, J. G. --- The Modern Mystery.

Newton, A. E., and Mrs. --- The Ministry of Angels Realised.

Newton, A. E. --- Answer to Charges of Belief in Modern Revelations, &c.

Nichols, Thomas Low, M.D. --- Biography of the Brothers Davenport. (The most complete biography of the Brothers that has yet appeared.)

Owen, Hon. Robert Dale. --- Footfalls on the Boundary of Another World, with Narrative Illustrations (A large collection, systematically arranged, of the best authenticated cases of unevoked Spirit Manifestations).

Packard and Loveland. --- Spirit Minstrel. A collection of ninety Familiar Tunes and Hymns, appropriate to Meetings for Spiritual Intercourse.

Penny, E. B. --- Mystical Philosophy and Spirit Manifestations; Selections from the Correspondence of Louis Claude de Saint Martin, and Baron Kirchberger. Translated and Edited by Edward Burton Penny.

Powell, J. H. --- Spiritualism, its Facts and Phases.

Putnam, Allen. --- Spirit Works, real, but not miraculous.

Putnam, Allen. --- Natty, a Spirit; his Portrait and his Life.

Radcliffe, John Netton. --- Fiends, Ghosts and Sprites, including an account of the Origin and Nature of Belief in the Supernatural.

Randolph, Paschal, B. --- Dealings with the Dead. The Human Soul --- its Migrations and its Transmigrations.

Randolph, Paschal, B. --- The Unveiling; or, what I think of Spiritualism. Partly in opposition to Spiritualism: this writer has since again become one of its most thorough and earnest advocates.

Redman, G. --- Mystic Hours, or Spiritual Experiences.

Rich, Elihu. --- Glimpses of the Supernatural. Articles contributed to the Encyclopaedia Metropolitana, by the Rev. G. Smedley, W. Cooke Taylor, Rev. HT Thompson, and Elihu Rich. Edited by Eiihu Rich, and first published in a separate volume under the title of The Occult Sciences.

Smith, Francis H. --- My Experiences; or, Footprints of a Presbyterian to Spiritualism.

Mrs. E. Oakes. --- Shadow-land; or, the Seer.

Snow, Rev. Herman. --- Spirit Intercourse; containing Incidents of Personal Experience while investigating the Phenomena of Spirit Thought and Action, with various communications through himself as Medium.

Spicer, Henry. --- Sights and Sounds. The Mystery of the Day. Comprising an, entire History of the Spirit Manifestations. 1853.

Spicer, Henry. --- Facts and Fantasies. A sequel to Sights and Sounds.

Spicer, Henry. --- Strange Things Among Us.

Spiritual Instructor, The. --- Containing Facts and the Philosophy of Spiritual Intercourse. Spiritualism. --- An Exposition of Spiritualism, comprising two series of letters and a Review of the "Spiritual Magazine," No. 20, as published in the "Star and Dial:" with Introduction, Notes, and Appendix. By Sceptic (H. G. Atkinson, Esq., F.G.S.)

Spiritualist, The. --- Being a short Exposition of Psychology.

Squirrell, Elizabeth. --- Autobiography of, and selections from her writings: together with an examination and defence of her statements: also facts and opinions illustrative and suggestive, by one of her watchers. (D. G. Goyder?)

Stence, Cyrus. --- Natural History of Apparitions.

Supernatural Illumination. --- Translated from the French by Major Blight. _

Table Turning And Table Talking. --- Reports of Experiments, &c, with Professor Faraday's Explanation.

Tiffany, Joel. --- Spiritualism Explained --- Twelve Lectures.

Vaughan, Rohert A. --- Letter and Spirit. A Discourse on Modern Philosophical Spiritualism.

Wallace, Alfred R. --- The Scientific Aspect of the Supernatural.

Warner, G. O. --- Supernal Theology; or, Life in the Spheres.

Webster, Mrs. B. --- Scepticism and Spiritualism. The Experiences of a Sceptic: by the Author of Aurelia

Werner. --- Guardian Spirits. Translated from the German. (A case of Vision into the Spirit-World.)

Whiting, A. B., and Rev. S. Jones. --- Three Nights' Debate on the Evidences of Modern Spiritualism.

Wilkinson, Dr. John James Garth. --- A Proposal to Treat Lunacy by Spiritualism.

Wilkinson, William Martin. --- Spirit Drawings. A Personal Narrative.

Wilson, Rev. R. P. --- Lectures on Spiritual Science.

Woodman, J. C --- Three Lectures on Spiritualism, in reply to William T. Dwight, D.D.

Zillah, The Child-Medium: Spiritualism.


Abbott. --- The Davenport Brothers, and the Philosophy of Dark Circles.

Baker, Mrs. Eric. --- Fraud, Fancy, Fact, Which is it? An Enquiry into the Mystery of Spiritualism, with a Narrative of Personal Experiences.

Bland, L. --- On Spirit Manifestations.

Brevior, Thomas. --- Biographical Sketch of John Murray Spear.

Brittan, Professor S.B. --- A Record of Modern Miracles.

Brodrick, N.P. --- Is it true? Intercommunion between the Living and the socalled Dead. By a Working Man.

Brotherton, Edward. --- An Examination of Claims.

Carpenter, W. (Mesmerist.) --- Something about Spiritualism. By Common Sense.

Carpenter, W. (Mesmerist.) --- Spiritualism in 1866. By Common Sense.

Carpenter, William (late Editor of the Sunday Times.) --- Tracts on Tabooed Topics. --- I. Does Spiritualism demand Investigation? ■ ■ II. The Anomalies of Spiritualism --- Good and Evil Spirits.

Chase, Frank. --- Spiritual Invention. (Account of a Mechanical Invention, given through the Mediumship of Emma Hardinge.)

Clark, Rev. Uriah. --- Spiritual Register (Annual) Facts Philosophy and Statistics of Spiritualism 1857 --- 1861.

Coggeshall, W. T. --- The Signs of the Times, comprising a History of the Spirit Rappings in Cincinnatti and other places, 1851.

Cooper, Robert. --- Dr. Cumming's Views on Spiritualism.

Correspondence between Spiritualists in St. Louis, and the Rev. Dr. N. L. Rice.

Davis, A. J. --- The Children's Progressive Lyceum. Rules for its Organization and Government. (" Based on a New Plan, for the Physical, Social, Intellectual, and Spiritual Education of the Young." Preface.)

Dewey, D. M. --- A History of the Rochester Rappings. With all the Explanations that can as yet be given on the matter, 1850.

Douglas, Miss. --- Remarks with reference to Certain Phenomena.

Edmonds, Hon. J. W. --- What is Death? A Lecture.

Ferguson, Rev. J. B. --- Relation of Pastor and People; a Statement of Belief en Unitarianism, Universalism, and Spiritualism.

Ferguson, Rev. J. B. --- Spiritual Communion: an Immoveable Fact in the Internal Consciousness and External History of Man.

Ferguson, Rev. J. B. --- Divine Illumination. Discourses on the Ministry of Angels, &c.

Green, Edwin Harrison. --- A Four Months' Tour in America; or, a Bird's Eye Glance at Spiritualism.

Hall, S. C. --- The Use of Spiritualism.

Hare, Professor. --- Lecture on Spiritualism.

Harris, Rev. Thomas L. --- Modern Spiritualism: its Truths and Errors.

Higginson. --- The Results of Spiritualism.

Hopps, Rev. J. Page. --- Six Months' Experience at Home of Spirit-Communion; with Replies to Questions, Solutions of Doubts and Difficulties, and Directions for Enquirers. By a Truth Seeker.

Howett, William. --- Throwing of Stones and other substances by Spirits.

Howett, William. --- What Spiritualism has taught us.

Howett, William. --- The Prophets of the Cevennes.

Juanita. --- A Novel, by a Chair, followed by a Proverb, and some select Pieces by the same Author, with a Preface by the Editor on the Phenomena of Table Turning. The literary productions of the Chair are merely the Preface of a mystic book, which it will unroll, page by page, before the dazzled eyes of believers. --- Epilogue, p. 63. On sale at the Government Printing Office, Basse Terre, Guadaloupe. Government Printing Office, Gaudaloupe." ( Verbatim as quoted by the Westminster Review, January, 1858, from Chauvreill.)

Layman, A. --- A Few Words on Inspiration, Spiritualism, &c.

Leighton, Andrew. --- Wonderin relation to Spiritualism: An Essay delivered to the Liverpool Phrenological Society.

Lyceum Church. (Boston, U. S. A. Spiritualists.) --- General Declaration of Principles of the Society of the Lyceum Church.

Mcleod, Hugh. --- Summary and General View of some of the Principles and Facts in connection with Modern or Scientific Spiritualism.

Mesmerism and Media, with full Instructions How to Develop the alleged Spiritual Eappings in every Family.

Modern Miracles, Philosophy of. --- By a Dweller in the Temple.

Morrel, B. --- Reply to the Rev. W. Walter's Attack on "Spirit Rapping."

Morrel, B. --- Reply to the Rev. Dr. Bayley's Attack on Modern Spiritualism.

Morrel, B. --- Reply to the Rev. C. B. Porteous' Attack on Modern Spiritualism.

Morrel, B. --- Modern Spiritual Manifestations; are they in accordance with Reason and past Revelations?

Mysterious Noises heard in the House of Mr. John D. Fox, in Hydesville, Arcadia, Wayne County, Report on the. --- Authenticated by the Certificates and confirmed by the statements of that place and vicinity, Carrandaigua, April, 1848. (21 Certificates are given in this pamphlet, now very scarce.)

Newton, A. E., Tracts by I. --- Spiritualism defined. II. --- What does Spiritualism teach? III. --- Spiritual Progression. IV. --- Evil: its Source and Remedy.

New England Spiritualists' Association. --- Constitution and By-Laws, List of Officers, and Address to the Public. Organised at Boston, Novr., 1854.

Nicolson, James. --- The Phenomena of the Unseen; or, How I became a Believer in the reality of the Modern Spirit Manifestations. By Mirza.

O'Neill, T. R., S. C. L. (ex. Aul., Mag. Oxon,) --- Alethe, or Light Through the Shadow of Death.

Packard, Almond J. --- A Guide of Wisdom and Knowledge to the SpiritWorld.

Partridge, Charles. --- Lecture on Spiritualism.

Pierpoint, Rev. John. --- Last Address of, Delivered to the Spiritual Convention, 1866.

Powell, J. H. --- Biography of the Brothers Davenport.

Powell, J. H. --- Mediumship: its Laws and Conditions, with brief Instructions for the formation of Spiritual Circles.

Powell, J. H. --- and J. Bedford Leno: Public Discussion on Spiritualism.

Progressive Spiritualists. --- Report of the Proceedings of the Convention of, recently held at Darlington, July, 1865.

Progressive Spiritualists. --- Proceedings of the Second Convention of, held at Newcastle-on-Tyne, July, 1866.

Psychological Society of Liverpool, Report of the.

Rand. --- Sketch of the History of the Davenports.

Randall, Mrs. --- Address on Spiritualism.

Rich, Elihu. --- Notes on certain Forms of Spiritualism: addressed to the Members of the New Church.

Rickell, Andrew. --- Methodism and Spiritualism: their Agreements and Differences, with a chapter on a New Order of Society, as expressive of one object of Spiritualism.

Robinson, Thomas. --- Bayley, Spiritualism, and Harris, (a Tract.)

Ryde Tracts. --- No. 1. Spiritualism.

Ryde Tracts. --- No. 2. The Ministration of our Departed Friends, and an Inspirational Poem.

Ryde Tracts. --- No. 3. Farewell to Earth. (An Inspirational Poem.)

Ryde Tracts. --- No. 4. Objections to Spiritualism answered by the Rev. A. Ballon.

Rymer, J. S. --- Spirit Manifestations.

Scott, John. --- The Doctrines of Spirit Intercourse.

Shufeldt, Geo. A. --- History of the Chicago Artesian Wells. A Demonstration of the Truth of the Spiritual Philosophy.

Smitton, William. --- Human Immortality, and kindred topics, viewed in connection with Modern Spiritualism and its Philosophy.

Spirit Song. --- Words and Music by J. B. H. Arranged by O. M. Rogers.

Spiritual Knowledge. --- Report of the Society for the Diffusion of, with the List of Officers for the Year 1854, and an Address to the Citizens of the United States. New York.

Spiritual Lyceum Tracts : --- 1. --- Howitt, William. --- Nicodemians and Thomasians.

Spiritual Lyceum Tracts : --- II. --- Ferguson, Rev. J. B. --- Spiritualism in Harmony with Science.

Spiritual Lyceum Tracts : --- III. --- Mac Sorlet, Rev. T. --- An Appeal to the Clergy for the Investigation of Spiritualism, with the remarkable Experiences of the Writer. By one of themselves.

Spiritual Lyceum Tracts : --- IV. --- Brevior, Thomas. --- What it is to be a Spiritualist.

Spiritual Lyceum Tracts : --- V. --- Cooper, Robert. --- Facts are Stubborn Things.

Spiritual Lyceum Tracts : --- VI. --- Ferguson, Rev. J. B. --- Spiritualism in Harmony with Divine Revelation.

Spiritual Lyceum Tracts : --- VII. --- Howitt, William. --- Letters on Spiritualism.

Spiritual Manifestations in Philadelphia. --- A History of the recent Developments in. By a Member of the First Circle. 1851.

Spirit Rapping In England And America. --- Its Origin and History, including Descriptions of the Spheres, the Spirits, and their Pursuits, and the various classes of Mediums; with full particulars and explanations of the Rapping Process.

Spirit Rapping In England And America. --- What's o'Clock ? --- Modern Spiritual Manifestations, are they in accordance with Reason and Past Revelation?

Spiritualism and the Bible.

Spiritualists. --- Reports of Proceedings at the Delegate Meeting of, held in Huddersfield, on the 23rd February, 1867.

Spiritualists. --- First Report of the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists.

Table Moving and Spirit Rapping, Extraordinary Facts concerning.

Table Moving Extraordinary. A Sermon and Poetry, given letter by letter, by what is commonly called Table Rapping, independent of the Will or Knowledge of the parties acting at the table, with a Preface.

Table Turning, Letters on, by A. B.

Truth For The Times. --- Gathered at a Spiritual Thought Concert.

Tubley, William. --- Modern Mysteries; or, Table Turning, Tapping, and Tipping.

Torrey, Elizabeth R. --- Reply to the Rev. Dr. W. P. Lunt's Discourse against the Spiritual Philosophy.

Toohey, J. H. W. --- A Review of Rev. J. E. Dwinell's Sermon against Spiritualism.

Underbill, Dr. A. --- Arrest, Trial, and Acquittal of Abby Warner, for Spiritrapping.

Wilson, Daniel. --- Satanic Agency not connected with Table Turning.

Wilkinson, Dr. James John Garth. --- Evenings with Mr. Home and the Spirits.

Wilkinson, W. M. --- A Month's Collection of Facts in Spiritualism.

Williams. --- A Synopsis of Spiritual Manifestations.

Willis, Rev. F. L. H. --- Two Discourses delivered before the First Society of Spiritualists of New York.

Wonder, The Eighth; or, a Word for the Spirits, and a few Words with them.

Yorkshire Spiritual Tracts. --- Twelve numbers.


Adams, Mr. S. J. --- The Lily Wreath of Spiritual Communication.

Adams, Mr. S. J. --- The Bouquet of Spiritual Flowers.

Adams, Mr. S. J. --- The Progressive Life of Spirits after Death.

Adams, Mr. S. J. --- Branches of Palm. A Gift Book for all Seasons. (" While I read, it seems as though an angel stands by my side and talks to me.")

Adams, Mr. S. J. --- A Rivulet from the Ocean of Truth: an interesting Narrative of the Advancement of a Spirit from Darkness to Light.

Ambler, Rev. R. P. --- The Spiritual Teacher: Twelve Lectures on the Nature and Development of the Spirit.

Ambler, Rev. R. P. --- The Birth of the Universe.

Ambler, Rev. R. P. --- Elements of Spiritual Philosophy.

Arnold, L. M. --- A History of the Origin of all Things, including the History of Man from the Creation to his Finality, but not to his End.

Davis, Andrew Jackson. --- Principles of Nature; Her Divine Revelations and Advice to Mankind. With Introduction, by the Rev. William Fishbocoh.

Davis, Marietta. --- Scenes beyond the Grave. (Trance Discourse.)

Doten, Lizzie. --- Poems from the Inner Life.

Fawcett, Miss J. --- An Angel's Message. Being a Series of Angelic and Holy Communications received by a Lady.

Fawcett, Miss J. --- Ecce Homo: a Treatise upon the Nature and Personality of God, founded upon the Gospels of St. Luke and St. John.

Fawcett, Miss J. --- Primeval Man: the Origin, Declension, and Restoration of the Race. Spiritual Revealings.

Fawcett, Miss J. --- Celestial Parentage: Fragmentary Pages from Spiritual Writings.

Guldenstubbe, The Baron de, and his Sister Julia. --- Thoughts from beyond the Tomb. (Translated from the French.)

Hardinge, Emma --- Six Lectures on Theology and Nature.

Hardinge, Emma --- Extemporaneous Addresses, spoken at the Winter Soirees, held at Harley Street, London, with Preface, by Alfred A. Watts.

Hardinge, Emma --- Second Series of Addresses; with Answers to Questions.

Hardinge, Emma --- The Wildfire Club.

Hardinge, Emma --- Funeral Oration on the Death of Abraham Lincoln.

Harshman. --- Love and Wisdom from the Spirit-World.

Hatch, Corah L. --- Twenty Discourses on Religion, Morals, Philosophy, and Metaphysics.

Hatch, Corah L. --- Two Lectures on the Present Crisis, by Theodore Parker and Henry Clay, delivered at Dodworth's Hall. Mrs. Corah L. Hatch, Medium.

Hatch, Corah L. --- A Discourse on Faith, Hope, and Love.

Hatch, Corah L. --- A Discourse on the Immutable Decrees of God.

Hammond, Rev. Charles. --- Light from the Spirit-World, comprising a Series of Articles on the Condition of Spirits and Development of Man in the Rudimental and Second Spheres, being written wholly by the Control of Spirits, without Volition or Will by the Medium, or any Thought or Care in regard to the Matter presented by his Hand. 1852. (The first work known to be written in the way represented in the title).

Hammond, Rev. Charles. --- Philosophy of the Spirit-World.

Hammond, Rev. Charles. --- The Pilgrimage of Thomas Paine and others to the Seventh Circle in the Spirit-World.

Harris, Rev. Thomas L. --- An Epic of the Starry Heavens.

Harris, Rev. Thomas L. --- A Lyric of the Morning Land.

Harris, Rev. Thomas L. --- A Lyric of the Golden Age.

Harris, Rev. Thomas L. --- Regina a Song of Many Days.

Harris, Rev. Thomas L. --- Hymns of Spiritual Devotion.

Harris, Rev. Thomas L. --- The Wisdom of Angels.

Harris, Rev. Thomas L. --- Arcana of Christianity: an Unfolding of the Celestial Sense of the Divine Word, through T. L. Harris. Henck, E. C --- Spirit Voices, Odes. Dictated by Spirits for the Use of Circles.

Lady, A. --- Communications from the Spirit of Lorenzo Dow and others.

Lady, A. --- Further Communications from the World of Spirits on Subjects highly important to the Human Family.

Lady, A. --- Essays on various Subjects, intended to Elucidate the Causes of the Changes coming upon the Earth at the Present Time, and the Nature of the Calamities that are so rapidly approaching.

Lady, A. --- The Rights of Man, by George Fox.

Linton, Charles. --- The Healing of the Nations, with Introduction and Appendix, by Nathaniel P. Tallmadge, late U. S. Senator and Governor of Wisconsin.

Linton, Charles. --- The Healing of the Nations. Second Series.

Paist, Samuel H. --- A Narrative of the Experiences of Horace Abraham Ackley, M.D., late of Cleveland, Ohio, since his Entrance into Spirit-Life. Received through the Mediumsbip of Samuel H. Paist, of Philadelphia.

Platt, Mrs. Lorin L., of Newtown, Connecticut. --- Spiritual Experiences of, with Spiritual Impressions annexed. (Written while subjected to the influence of a Circle of Spirits.)

Post, Isaac. --- Voices from the Spirit-World, being Communications from many Spirits, by the hand of Isaac Post, Medium.

Raistrick, James. --- The Holy Banner of Truth.

Revelations, Instructions, Prayers, and Prophesies. Dictated by the Celestial Spirits, and Spirits in Expiation, to the Circle of Christian Spiritualists of . Extracts from the Register of their Stances.

Rouse, J. T. (a blind man). --- Love Drops from the Angel World (" To think that a blind person should be influenced by a person who in his life was deaf and dumb, to use the finger alphabet, and by that means spell out such beautiful poetry and sublime communications, is truly wonderful." --- Hull's Monthly Clarion.

Sedgwick, Miss. --- Pearls of Thought strung in Rhyme; or, Hymns and Songs in Words of One Syllable. (" In publishing these Pearls of Thought for the use of schools and the benefit of young children, the authoress does so because she believes they have been suggested to her -for that purpose. She disclaims all plea or intention of her own of doing anything so original as that of reducing her ideas to words of one syllable. The first that was written flowed freely and harmoniously from her pen, in the form it is now seen, without any effort of her own. Others followed," &c. --- Preface.

Smythe, A. --- Jesus of Nazareth; or, a True History of the man called Jesus Christ. (A romance, absurd and profane; its pretension to Spiritual origin has every appearance of being a fraud, and a most disgraceful one.)

Spear, John Murray. --- The Educator: being Suggestions, Theoretical and Practical, designed to Promote Man-Culture and Integral Reform, with a View to the ultimate Establishment of a Divine Social State on Earth, comprised in a Series of Revealments from Organised Associations in the Spirit-Life, through John Murray Spear.

Spear, John Murray. --- Messages from the Superior State from the Spirit of the Rev. John Murray.

Spiritual Instructions received at one of the Circles formed in Philadelphia for the Purpose of Investigating the Philosophy of Spiritual Intercourse.

Spirit-life, the Influence of: a Spiritual Communication, (a Tract).

Stiles, Joseph D. --- Twelve Messages from the Spirit of John Quincey Adams to Josiah Brigham.

Treadwell. --- Errors Corrected: an Address, by the Spirit of Stephen Treadwell.

Tuttle, H. --- Arcana of Nature. Vol. 1 --- The History and Laws of Creation. Vol. 2 --- The Philosophy of Spiritual Existence and of a Spirit World.

Tuttle, H. --- Scenes in the Spirit-World; or, Life in the Spheres.

Vicars, Captain Hedley. --- Discourse by the Spirit of.

White, Nathan Francis. --- Voices from Spirit Land.

Wilkinson, James John Garth, M.D. --- Improvisations from the Spirit.

Wilson, Rev. R. P. --- Discourses from the Spirit-World, dictated by Stephen Olin.

Wood, Horace. --- Philosophy of Creation; Unfolding the Laws of the Progressive Development of Nature, and embracing the Philosophy of Man, pint, and the Spirit-World. By Thomas Paine, through the hand of Horace Wood, Medium.


Apocastabis, The; or, Progress Backwards. --- A new Tract for the Times. (Gives ancient counterparts of the Modern Manifestations.)

Birt, William Redcliffe. --- Table Moving Popularly Explained, with Enquiry into Reichenbach's Theory of an Od Force. Also an Investigation of the Spiritual Manifestations, known as Spirit Rapping.

Boismont, A. Brierre de, M.D. --- Hallucinations. A History and Explanation of Apparitions, Visions, Dreams, Ecstacy, Magnetism, &c, Translated by Robert T. Hulme.

Bray, Charles. --- On Force, its Mental and Moral Correlates, and on that which is supposed to Underlie all Phenomena: with Speculations on Spiritualism and other abnormal Conditions of Mind.

Cruikshank, George. --- Discovery concerning Ghosts, with a Rap at the Spirit Rappers.

Dendy, Walter Cooper. --- Philosophy of Mystery.

Dendy, Walter Cooper. --- A Gleam of the Spirit-Mystery.

Dods, Dr. John Bovee. --- Spirit Manifestations Examined and Explained. (In reply to Judge Edmonds. Dr. Dods, since the publication of this work, has become a Convert to and Advocate of Spiritualism.)

Braid, James, M.R.C.S. --- Hypnotic Therapeutics, illustrated by Cases, with an Appendix on Table-Moving and Spirit-Rapping. (Reprinted from the Monthly Journal of Medical Science for July, 1853.)

Buffum, Mrs. Adeline. --- Spirits' Oil Well, alias Artesian Well, near Chicago.

Close, Rev F. --- The Testers Tested, with an Appendix.

Close, Rev F. --- Table Moving not Diabolical.

Elliott, John Henry. --- A Refutation of Modern Spiritualism.

Faraday, Professor, F.R.S. --- Observations on Mental Education.

Gasparin, Count Agenor de. --- Science versus Modern Spiritualism: A Treatise on Turning Tables, the Supernatural in General, and Spirits. Translated by E. W. Roberts, with an Introduction by the Rev. Robert Baird, D.D., 2 vols.

Glaybrook, Rev. A. --- Table Turning a Fraud; or, "Godfrey's Cordial."

Guppy, Samuel. --- Mary Jane; or, Spiritualism Chemically Explained, with Spirit Drawings; also Essays and Ideas (perhaps erroneous) of a Child at School.

Hugo Vamp; or, Table Turning Electrical.

Mahan, Rev. Asa, President of Cleveland College, Ohio. --- Modern Mysteries Explained and Exposed.

Mahan, Rev. Asa, President of Cleveland College, Ohio. --- Magic and Pretended Miracles.

Mattison. --- Spirit-Rapping Unveiled.

Morgan, R. G. --- Inquiry into Table Turning and Spiritualism.

Novra, Henry. --- Spirit Rapping made Easy.

Page, C. G. --- Psychomancy. Spirit Rapping and Table Tapping Exposed.

Pattison, John, M.D. --- Spirit Rapping in Glasgow in 1864: A true Narrative. By One of those Present.

Paul, Bholanauth, M.A., Third Teacher Hindu School. --- A Discourse on Spiritualism. Calcutta, 1867.

Prichard, John, F.R.C.S. --- A Few Words of Table Talk about Table Spirits, and the Rev. N. S. Godfrey's Incantations.

Rogers, E. C. --- Philosophy of Mysterious Agents, Human and Mundane; or, the Dynamic Laws and Relations of Man, embracing the Natural Philosophy of the Phenomena styled " Spiritual Manifestations."

Rogers, E. C. --- A Discussion on the Automatic Powers of the Brain; being a Defence against the Rev. Charles Beecher's Attack upon the "Philosophy of Mysterious Agents" in his " Review of Spiritual Manifestations.'' (These two works are by far the ablest of those which assign the "Spiritual Manifestations" to Human and Mundane Origin.)

Samson, G. W. --- Spiritualism Tested; or the Facts of its History Classified, and their Causes in Nature verified from Modern and Ancient Testimonies (The first edition was published under the title "To Daimonion; or, the Spiritual Medium. By Travers Oldfield.")

Spirit Rappings. By One who has tried the Spirits.

Spiritualists, the Principles of, Exposed; and the Phenomena Exhibited by Spiritualists Explained.

Table Moving, Letters on; or the Recent Miracle at Tremntola, and of the Influence of Animal Motion or Attraction. By A. B.

Table Moving: its Causes and Phenomena, with Directions how to Experiment.


Barkas, T. P. --- Lecture on the Brothers Davenport, with a Defence of what are called Spiritual Phenomena, and General Reflections on Modern Spiritualism.

Barkas, T. P. --- . Discourse on Modern Spiritualism and Seducing Spirits. (While indicating the reality and genuineness of the Modern Spiritual Phenomena and of Angelic Ministration, this writer believes that " Spiritualism, as commonly practised, is altogether demoniacal," but that nevertheless they prove to Materialists "that the great teachings of the Bible in relation to another world are true.")

Beecher, Rev. Charles. --- A Review of the "Spiritual Manifestations." (A condensed and very able statement and critique of both the pneumatic and apneutmatic theories, and especially in refutation of the theory of Dr. Rogers.)

Bayley, Rev. Dr. --- True Spiritualism. (A Sermon, in which Spirit Manifestations spoken of as disorderly, while Swedenborg's experiences are contradistinguished as orderly.)

Brownson, Dr. --- The Spirit-Rapper.

Chevalier, J. O. --- Experiences of Spiritualism; or, the Adjuration of Spirits: with a Theory on Table Rapping and other Phenomena. By a late member of Mr. Home's Spiritual Athenseum.

Gillson, Rev. E., M A. --- Table Talking, Disclosures of Satanic Wonders and Prophetic Signs: a Word for the Wise.

Gillson, Rev. E., M A. --- Whose is the Responsibility?

Gillson, Rev. E., M A. --- A Watchman's Appeal.

Godfrey, Rev. N. S., S.C.L. --- Table Moving Tested, and Proved to be the Result of Satanic Agency. ■ Table Moving, the Devil's Modern Masterpiece, being the Result of a

Godfrey, Rev. N. S., S.C.L. --- Course of Experiments.

Godfrey, Rev. N. S., S.C.L. --- Theology of Table Turning, Spirit Rapping, and Clairvoyance, in connection with Anti-Christ.

Hallowell, Rev. H. --- Polity of the Kingdom of Darkness.

Horn, J. P. --- Bible Reply to the Modern Delusion.

Lumb, Rev. John. --- Spirit Rapping and Modern Necromancy.

Maude, William. --- Spiritualism Prophetically Considered.

Mcdonald, Rev. W. --- Spiritualism identical with Ancient Sorcery, New Testament Demonology and Modern Witchcraft, with Testimony of God and Man against it.

Morgan, R. C. --- On Table Miracles.

Nangle, Rev. Edward. --- Spiritualism Fairly Tried, and its Phenomena traced to their True Cause.

Pond, Dr. E. --- Familiar Spirits and Spiritual Manifestations. (With Reply, by A. Bingham.)

Pugh, Rev. Giles (Her Britannic Majesty's Chaplain at Naples). --- Spiritualism: an Old Epidemic under a New Phasis. (Malta).

Ramsey. --- Spiritualism, a Satanic Delusion, and a Sign of the Times. Edited, with a Preface, by H. L. Hastings.

Smithson, Rev. L. H. --- The Word of God and Spirit Manifestations. Spirit Rapping and Spiritual Manifestations. By a Member of the Catholic Apostolic Church.

Tressider, H. J. --- The Spiritualists at Home. The Confessions of a Medium. (These confessions are plainly spurious.)

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